Kayla Davidson is the author of My Prince Wears Blue Jeans, The Ride and Daddy's Little Squirrel. Kayla Davidson grew up in a small ranching community in Texas She graduated from Angelo State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education.  

Kayla lives in west Texas with her husband, Travis and two daughters. Together, Travis and Kayla ranch on land which has been in their families for many generations.








Bio for Kids!


Kayla Davidson found her love for books at a young age.  She can vividly remember the excitement of reading a book for the first time.  One of her favorite places to hang out as a child, ok as an adult too, is the library or bookstore.  Kayla remembers her mother taking her to the bookstore instead of the toy store as a way to spend their allowance. She loved the many adventures she experienced through books.


A few of her favorite books growing up were The "Little Critter" books, "The Berenstain Bears" books, "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie", "The Legend of The Bluebonnet", "The Secret Garden", "The Run Away Bunny" and "Goodnight Moon".


Proverbs for Kids from THE Book was also a big part of her life as a child.  She loved reading their daily message for the day from this devotional.


Kayla loved the great outdoors as a child.  She and her sister loved to ride their ponies, Chili and Sandy to their fort.  They would pretend they were characters from "Little House on the Prairie" who survived life on the prairie.

Kayla once had to write a children’s story for an assignment in college.  She was surprised at how much she enjoyed this project.  Five years later, she decided to make this story into an actual book to share with other children. So hang onto those special stories and projects! You never know what they might become someday.