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School Visits

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School visits are a blast for Kayla!  

During her visit,  Kayla talks about the writing process with a special emphasis on where she gets her ideas. She also discusses the many revisions made before sending a manuscript to an editor. Kayla ends the session with a reading from one of her books and a question and answer period.

Presentations are usually 30 minutes for K-1st, and 40-45 minutes for Grades 3rd grade and up.  

For availability, please contact Kayla at:

Tracy Knighton- Christoval Elementary Principal

A special thank you to Mrs. Davidson for writing about what our West Texas students know
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Deborah Brown, Library Director Sutton County Public Library

I have heard from some of the grandparents that their grandchildren stated they got to meet and visit with an author, and their little chests were all puffed out with pride about it.
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