School Visits

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School visits are a blast for Kayla! She loves reading to kids and talking about writing. 

During her visit,  Kayla talks about the writing process with a special emphasis on where she gets her ideas. She also discusses the many revisions she makes before she sends a manuscript to an editor. Kayla ends the session with a reading from one of her books and a question and answer period.

Presentations are usually 30 minutes for K-1st, and 40-45 minutes for Grades 2-5 and above. They are tailored to each age group. 

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"Christoval Elementary students were blessed to have our very own West Texas author, Kayla Davidson, share her stories with us.  What a fun morning it was for all of us.  Our 4th grade writers got to hear and see the writing process they have been learning in action.  Mrs. Davidson did a wonderful job sharing her passion for reading and writing with our students.  She even inspired some future authors!   


Our pre-K, 1st and 2nd grade students were transported to Mrs. Davidson's life on her ranch with her family and also when she was a child as she read her three wonderful books.  Our little cowboys and cowgirls could completely identify with the ranch life and the blue bonnet blankets in the spring that Mrs. Davidson writes about in her new book, "My Prince Wears Blue Jeans." 


 Our little girls saw their fathers as the Prince in Blue Jeans and our boys saw themselves becoming a prince one day.  The Ride reminded our students know that they can do all things through Christ!  Our students hope your students will get to experience a visit from Author and Reader Kayla Davidson.  A special thank you to Mrs. Davidson for writing about what our West Texas students know."

Tracy Knighton- Christoval Elementary Principal

"Kayla Shurley Davidson is the sweetest, most gracious, considerate children's author a librarian could ask for to have visit. She read her newest book " My Prince Wears Blue Jeans" to our Day School, Pre -K and Kindergarten students that were brought to the public library just for her visit. Kayla got the children involved with the story as she read it aloud and you could see their eyes shining with excitement. Afterwards, all the children did a craft based on her book, and she was right in there with them helping. The teachers would like for you to come back again next year, and so would we! It was such a grand time for everyone, and I have heard from some of the grandparents that their grandchildren stated they got to meet and visit with an author, and their little chests were all puffed out with pride about it. It was wonderful for all of us to have had you here! Thank you so much Kayla!!!"


Deborah Brown, Library Director Sutton County Public Library Sonora, Texas

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